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To protect your home or business organization from the criminals or any potential theft security camera can be of great help. It may not prevent the criminals but can help to detect them. Besides, it helps to detect the potential thief and protect your business from any loss. Stealing is a common practice among many employees which may even result in bankruptcy in many businesses. A recent statistics show that more than 75% of the employees have stolen from their organization once or twice in their life time. And as a result of this theft almost 33% businesses have become bankrupt. So, you can understand how important it is to install a security camera system in your organization.

Thanks to the modern technology now you can easily install a security camera in your home or office. These cameras are available now in a number of varieties which let you use it according to your necessity. Security cameras are available in different sizes and designs too so it won’t affect the room’s decoration. Some of the varieties of this cameras are described here and also check amcrest nvr review.

Hidden or visible security camera

You can either install security camera which will be visible to all or camera which will be kept hidden. The hidden cameras are small in size and can be hidden in wall clock, pinhole, smoke detector, air filter or any other item of your place. You can even install them outside your home in the places like flood lights, electrical boxes etc. If you don’t want your stuff to know about the camera, you can use this hidden camera for security. The advantage of this camera is you can record any criminal activity without letting the person know about this. So, you can easily find out if there is any potential thief.

The another security camera which we commonly notice at many departmental stores is the visible security camera. This camera has different types of features. For example, some of these cameras are manufactured with a high-resolution which lets to zoom in and out. This camera is a protection from the potential criminals.

The Wireless & Wired Security Camera

These cameras are found in both without and with wire. Both types have some advantages and some disadvantages. As the wireless camera has no wire to connect it is easy to install anywhere. You can also change its location whenever you wish to. You can also hide it inside any moving object if necessary. But the wired camera doesn’t have this facility. You need to connect wires for power supply and for signals. That’s why you may need professional help to install this camera. Also, you can’t move it easily like the wireless camera which is a drawback of the wired camera. But this camera has an advantage too. Unlike the wireless camera, its signal can’t be interfered by anything. Also, the video quality is comparatively better than the wireless security camera. Though the price of the wireless camera is comparatively higher than the wired camera you won’t have to spend extra money to get it installed. So, when you want to buy any of these cameras consider all the details before taking any decision.

Apart from these you will also find security cameras specially designed for outside and inside of your home. Also, the video quality and the recording system may also vary in this camera. As the number of criminal activities is increasing day by day, the necessity of the security camera is becoming an unavoidable object for the safety of your home or organization.

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