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It seems like getting one of many bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors is a bathroom necessity; you will need a medicine cabinet for the storage of medications and personal hygiene items and you will need a mirror for your daily hygienic regimen.   These types of cabinets are easy in terms of installation, and they add an element of functionality to the bathroom in addition to offering an aesthetic quality to the room.

If you want to enlarge a bathroom area that seems small or crowded, after installing one of the bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors you will find that the bathroom area seemingly expands; the mirror makes the room seem endlessly larger as it reflects back the space around it. Instead of attaching a flat backed mirror to the surface of the wall, you can save space by having  a mirror mounted to a cabinet for storage; thus, you gain incredible space saving advantages with the installation of one of the lovely bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors on the market today.

Remodeling a bathroom

When it comes to style and bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors, you have quite a selection before you.  You can choose recessed or mounted cabinets that make the mirror flushed to the wall; the cabinetry rests in the wall. Bear in mind that recessed cabinetry is a bit more complex in terms of installation, but having a recessed cabinet makes the bathroom seem ultra modern.  Meanwhile, mounted cabinetry is simply attached to studs in the wall so that the cabinetry remains securely in position.

If you are getting a medicine cabinet with mirrors you have the traditional option of putting the mirror in a central position right over the sink, but you can also position the cabinetry in a corner area above a corner sink.   When you check out the mirrored cabinets on the market, you can get furniture with one, two, or even three mirrored doors as well.  Further, you can choose from frameless or framed designs and there are even cabinets with the traditional rectangular or square styles, or you have the option of going with an oval or round mirror too.  When searching for medicine cabinets with mirrors online, you will see vintage style offerings and contemporary styles as well.

In order to prepare for the installation of your bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors, you will need to use a tape measure to assess the potential measurements you will need.  If you are going for big wall cabinets you can anticipate cabinet sizes ranging from right around 22 inches  by 29 inches.  If you are looking for  surface mounted cabinets, usually the dimensions range from 15 by 30 inches in size.  If you get a mirrored door that has hinges, make sure you make measurements that include additional space so that the door can be opened without sticking bathroom accessories or wall décor once it is installed.  As you collect measurements, make your width height, and depth assessments two times to ensure the accuracy of any measurements you make.

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