March 23, 2017 John

It might seem like an absurd notion to groom or bathe a companion bird as people mainly think that only longhaired cats and poodles require grooming. If you would love to keep your bird healthy, companionable, clean and safe, then you ought to make an effort to know how to groom your bird. Birds do not require to be brushed or combed but maintaining your bird’s feathers, skin, and nails often goes a long way in maintaining your bird’s health.
Bathing Basics
Bathing of a bird should be done in warm water only or ought to […]

March 14, 2017 John

It is highly likely that you are one of those people that have at least one pet in their household. And one would expect that it would be either a cat or a dog. There is an everlasting debate on which pet is the best. Some people prefer cats, while others would spit all kinds of arguments to prove that dogs are a superior choice. Whatever your preference is, you have to admit that it takes a lot of patience if you want to make sure that your pet is happy and there for you. […]