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Merino wool has become a very popular name in the fashion and apparel industry. Since many years different types of apparel are being made from the merino wool. From regular and everyday use to the special and specific use of the clothes for outdoor activities and sports events, merino wool is very well known. Though merino wool is being produced in many countries at these days but still due to high demand for merino wool, it is quite expensive. You will find different types and grades of merino wool in the market. The medium, fine medium, superfine, ultrafine, etc. are some grades of merino wool. The price of the merino wool varies depending on the quality and origin of the merino wool.

Merino clothing has different forms and different uses in the fashion industry for a long time. From the baby clothes to the high-end fashion clothes, merino wool is popular in every sector. There are many reasons why merino wool is very popular in the fashion and apparel industry. Few of the reasons are discussed below-

1) Merino wool provides the higher warmth comparing to the other type of wool available in the market. Even in the coolest region and coldest climate, you can wear a single layer of merino woolen cloth and you are good to go. Merino wool locks your body temperature and regulates it naturally and that’s why you will be at the balanced temperature every time.

2) Merino wool has antibacterial properties which are the most beneficial property for those who have allergy problems with the woolen products. It is completely safe to use in the baby clothes for its antibacterial property.

3) Woolen clothes are generally soft and comfortable. But merino wool comes with the highest comfortable and cozy feature of all. One can feel the highest comfort using the merino woolen clothes.

4) Generally, it is not possible to make much experiment with the woolen clothes. But with the merino wool, different types of the experiment is possible. It can produce finest quality apparel for the people of different ages.

5) Clothes made from the merino wool is extra durable and has the highest functionality. That is why merino wool is being widely used in making clothes for the athletes and the sportsperson. Merino wool is stretchable and doesn’t tear easily. It can be shaped in any form. For hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities, merino wool is the best option to choose.

6) Merino wool is breathable. So, the temperature of outside gets matched with your body and you always feel comfortable wearing the merino clothes.

So, these are some reasons why merino wool is very popular in the fashion and clothing industry.

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