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In oil mill and extractor industry, different types of machinery are being used for the extracting, filtering and refining purposes. In the oil extracting and processing industry, the most important part is oil refining and filtering. Oil is extracted from different components like seeds, vegetables, and the other things. To separate the ingredients from each other and to filter the extra components, oil is extracted. The whole oil extraction procedure is so complex and requires a lot of labor, machines, and efforts. One of the most important machines for oil extracting is the pressure leaf filter. Pressure leaf filter is used to filter the components of the oil in different stages of oil extracting. In this article, I will discuss the horizontal pressure leaf filter, in details.

What is horizontal pressure leaf filter?

Horizontal pressure leaf filter is a high standard pressure leaf filter for the oil milling company. It produces standard results and specially designed for meeting different types of the need of the oil extractor company. It’s extremely user-friendly and has no risk of using it in the different type of environment. But as the machine has to be placed horizontally, it takes more space than the vertical pressure leaf filter. Pressure leaf filter is used for separating the unwanted particles from the essential liquids. Horizontal pressure leaf filter can separate the tough kind of particles from the actual output. Horizontal pressure leaf filter is the best choice for removing the sticky and tough filtering cakes from the machine.

Features of horizontal pressure leaf filter

Some basic features of the horizontal pressure leaf filter are given below:

High productivity rate:

The horizontal pressure leaf filter ensures the high productivity rate than the vertical pressure leaf filter. The filter can filter a lot of components at a time. That is why it shows the high productivity rate than the other pressure leaf filters. Usually, where the large quantity of production is required, this type of filters are used there.


The machine is highly user-friendly. Anyone can use it without putting much effort. As everything will be done by the machine, the operator has to monitor the production of it. After loading the leaves, it works automatically.

Cost saver:

As it can filter a lot of particles at a time, it is extremely cost saver. It saves the cost of the labor and the other variable expenses during filtering.

Compact design:

The machine is mostly popular for its compact design. For the compact operation ability, it has almost zero spillage rate which is also an indicator of the cost saver.

Large capacities:

Horizontal pressure leaf filter is available in large capacities. It also comes in various sizes.

So, this is all about the horizontal pressure leaf filter. For an oil milling industry, it is the best choice for filtering department.

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