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Vintage Bench Shelves

I love vintage wood benches and there are so many projects you can make out of them. These simple shabby chic wood shelves are the perfect addition to a library, little girl’s bedroom, or even a family room decorated in a vintage or shabby chic style.

Your collection of vintage wood benches can easily be transformed into functional bookshelves that will add architectural interest to any room, even a shabby chic bathroom!

To Build Shelves Out of Vintage Wood Shelves You Will Need:

Vintage Wood Benches
Double sides screws
L brackets
Power drill

The first step in making retro shelves out of vintage wood benches is to arrange them so that the largest benches are on the bottom. You want to make sure that the legs of the bench placed on top of the previous layer are within the lines or edges of the bench below it.

Now, if you are finding this is not working with your collection, then you can add a sheet of plywood or MDF to the top of the previous bench. Simple have your sheet of plywood cut out the length and width need. Screw it into place on the seat of the bench. You will also need to paint it.

Now, these shelves will be their most stables at about three benches high. If you want to go tall you can, but you will need to use L brackets to attach them to the wall for stability.

For a three bench height simple stand your first and largest bench up on the ground. Now, place the second bench on top. Drill through the bottom inside of the bottom bench into the wood legs of the second bench.

Now, screw a long wood screw through each of the four holes to hold in place.

Repeat this with the third bench.

If you are doing a huge collection of benches that will be much taller, then start the same way.
When you go to place the second bench, line the back of it up with the back of the first bench. You want to create a level back, like you would find on a traditional set of bookshelves. This will give you a relatively flat surface to line up against the wall; and attach it.

Once you have your shabby chic shelves assembles place them flat against the wall. Now, use L brackets to attach them to the wall in the top two corners. Be sure to drill into studs when attaching this to the wall! If you only drill into the drywall the screws will easily rip out. Here check this url for more information.

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