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It might seem like an absurd notion to groom or bathe a companion bird as people mainly think that only longhaired cats and poodles require grooming. If you would love to keep your bird healthy, companionable, clean and safe, then you ought to make an effort to know how to groom your bird. Birds do not require to be brushed or combed but maintaining your bird’s feathers, skin, and nails often goes a long way in maintaining your bird’s health.

Bathing Basics

Bathing of a bird should be done in warm water only or ought to be done when it will have enough time to dry in a dry or warm place. Commercial bath products are not recommended as they may cause eye irritation. Also, some may prefer to blow dry after a shower, but it is not wise as it leads to over-heating or fright. A few drops of colloidal silver put in the bath water are a health added benefit.

Best Bath Time

The wild birds do not require someone to remind them to groom their feathers or take a shower as they do it naturally after a rainfall in puddles. Some of the birds’ behaviors are learned from watching other birds, and since the companion birds lack other feathered birds to act as role models, their behaviors such as even bathing may seem foreign to them. The best bath time is considered to be in the morning or afternoon when it is warm enough and so that the bird does not go to sleep while wet.

Grooming the Feathers

How to groom your bird’s feathers is often by “greening” them. Each feather usually has a distinct function and place. If you are a bird keeper, you may help remove the feather sheaths that frequently emerge on its head during molting, but one should be careful as removing them forcefully might be hurting. Simply rubbing a fingernail over their sheath makes it come off quickly.

Clipping the Wings

Clipping of wings is an act of cutting off the first seven to ten feathers of flight on a bird’s wings so as to disable it from flying. However, some people say that birds are made to fly hence may be at a disadvantage in numerous ways in case they are unable to travel while others affirm that a bird with ability fly in a household is a disaster from the dangers such as ceiling fans, ovens or open windows.

Trimming the Nails

It is a procedure essential as birds’ nails are similar to ours as they keep growing. Overgrown nails may curve and stub the feet. One may opt to trim them one by one if they are reluctant or rather, hold them while clipping the nails.

The above-written steps will help with the knowledge of how to groom your bird but, it is important to note that beak grooming is best when left to your avian veterinarian as doing it yourself may lead to injury. Bird grooming is a major step in maintaining your bird’s health.

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