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At times, applying makeup can turn out to be stressing and crazy as you may not know where to start or what are the best products to use due to the numerous varieties available. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the only options you have are to give up makeup or break the bank for you to buy the best makeup products. There is makeup to die for and hacks that can help you out in your application process.

Putting mascara in a cup of hot water

If your mascara is too dry, this is the perfect tip to make your mascara brand new without buying another one. You could either place the mascara in the hot water for a minute but if you could be in a hurry, just run it through hot water for thirty seconds and you should then be able to see better fluidity in the formula. This usually helps to make your mascara less dry and it also eliminates any clumps that would end up on you lash.

Making a homemade brush cleaner

If you are a makeup enthusiast, you must know how expensive the makeup brush and brush cleaner solution can be. However, it is crucial to clean your brushes every once a month or even twice! Most people tend to overlook hygiene for their makeup brushes but in just a couple of weeks after using them, these brushes begin to collect bacteria and germs like it is their job to do so. Creating your own brush cleaner is super easy as it requires ingredients you mist probably have at home. You simply require olive oil, soap, and coconut oil and mixed together, they come up with a perfect brush cleaner.

This may sound kind of crazy but you have baby hairs or a thin hairline, you might as well consider this hack. It is a really great way to blend the baby hairs into your pony tail and also cover up any patches of thin hair that you feel they may show too much of your scalp.

Using liquid lipstick for your eyeliner

Liquid lipstick is the latest winged eyeliner. If you get bored with the plainold black eyeliner, do not worry as you can easily switch that up. There are liquid lipsticks that posses various colours to select from and they are mae from great formulas that allow for better application and faster drying. This trick seems to give a perfect wing hence you can do away with the bold wing for once and try the lipstick and you will definitely love it.

Contouring your nose with a fork

This is the perfect hack for those who would want a perfectly contoured slim nose. You ought to place the prongs of a silver fork flat across your nose and then take the darker contour color for it to fill in between the prongs. After you are done, use a lighter contour color and then blend it at the middle of your nose. You can then end the blending with either a beauty blender or contour brush and observe how define your nose will look.

Find a makeup to die for and make it your hobby to apply it and yoy will always look amazingly beatiful. With these tips, you will eventually find out that you will have saved a lot of money in the end. They will also help you enhance your look and your friends will always be asking what are your tricks.

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