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Oil milling companies use many methods to filter the oil from a mixture of different impure materials. It is one of the most vital processes of oil processing. Many scientific methods and the machine have been invented to do this process in an efficient way. Among them, pressure leaf filters have managed to earn a lot of companies’ trust with its service. Companies can get a pressure leaf filter from the market at a very affordable price. There are two types of pressure leaf filters available in the market. One is vertical pressure leaf filter, and the other one is horizontal pressure leaf filter. Their mechanism is quite similar to each other, but they differ in their building designs. Now we are going to discuss more vertical pressure leaf filters below.

vertical pressure leaf filter

Vertical pressure leaf filter is very popular among the oil milling companies because of its simple mechanism and user-friendly methods. It is one of most cost effective machines for filtering oil. Vertical pressure leaf filters have a vessel that is constructed with vertically oriented filter leaves. The filter leaves are made of stainless steel. That enables the operators to work with the machine for a long time without having to think about regular maintenance. The filter leaves have a mesh of steel wire screen. The leaves are designed with ribs on both sides. That enables the filtrate to flow freely without any blockage. The filter leaves are situated at the central point of the manifold. This lets the operator open to remove the leaves to discharge cakes or to clean the filter leaves. An automated vibrator is placed at the top to create vibrations to help to discharge the cakes to the releasing outlet.

The mixture of the impure materials is filled in the filter tank to start the filtering process. Then air pressure is applied to the cake to go through the leaf filters. The filtered cakes are released through a small outlet using the gravity. The wet cakes go out through a larger opening for another filtering. A large variety of vertical pressure leaf filters is available in the market depending on the specific requirements of the oil milling companies all around the world. As the mechanism of vertical pressure leaf filter is quite simple, the companies don’t have to put the operators through too much training to start with. It doesn’t need many men power to operate in the first place. In fact, vertical pressure leaf filters can be operated fully automated way without involving any human involvement. The clarity rate of this filter is quite higher than other filters when it comes to comparison. Companies don’t need much floor space to place a vertical pressure leaf filter. It reduces the cost and saves a lot of manpower of the oil milling companies.


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