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When someone is planning a big corporate event, a fundraiser, a birthday party or a wedding party, one of the major considerations that come in their mind is the party tent. Usually, party tents can easily be rented for outdoor events like these. But these can both make or break a party. So, you better know what problems you may face with a rental party tent.

  • Power lines: In these party tents, the rental companies set up their equipment where accidentally any metal tent pole can get electrified and can cause major injury to people within the tent. But this can easily be avoided. All you need to do is hiring professionals with a good track record.
  • Strong wind: If you don’t want to have a spoiled party, then you better hire party rental company that has strong equipment as well as dedicated workers who will set up everything properly. This is important because you won’t want to let a strong wind to knock down the whole tent as well as your party with it.
  • Rain: Rain is another problem in these party tents. When it rains heavily, if the tents are made  water resistant then this rain will be enough to spoil your party. So, when you are hiring a party rental company, make sure the tent they are using is water resistant and strong enough to hold itself in heavy rainfall.

Considerable facts in assuring accident-free party:

Safety comes first. To make your party a successful one, safety is something that should be your prime concern. So, when you are hiring a party rental company, make sure you are considering the following facts –

  • Fire resistance: Is the tent fire resistant that they are going to use? The Answer is of the question is very important as a part safety. A fire can be generated in the tent from anywhere. Even any careless action of the guests can also cause a fire. So, avoid any kind of unfortunate occurrence you must make sure the tent is fire resistant.
  • Age of the tent: How old the tent is? Another important question. We all know anything can lose its consistency of action with time. So, you need to know how old the tent is. Because if there is any strong wind or heavy rainfall, the tent may get knocked down.
  • Certificate of insurance: Certificate of insurance is something you should check while hiring a party rental company. Make sure that they are properly insured and have a track record of safe and successful events.
  • Post setup inspection: Do they inspect the tents after setting them up? This is another important question you need an answer of. Post setup inspection is important because in this inspection it is possible to identify if there is any mistake occurred and correct them in no time. Otherwise, a small mistake can also sometimes lead to major problems.

You might face problems in party tents. But these problems are nothing unavoidable. Proper consideration of facts will help you take the right decisions in this manner.

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